Studio 322, Torpedo Factory Art Center, 105 N Union Street, Alexandria VA

Artist's Statement
My paintings are extemporaneous in an effort to capture an emotion, mood, rhythm, a moment in time. Some have described my work as atmospheric. I try to reach for the subliminal, go beyond the conscious and intentional. The lusciousness of oils attract me and is the medium I most often use. I love color, letting intuition guide me in their selection.

Paintings & Commissions
After running a design studio for over 30 years, I am happy to have transitioned to full-time painting. My studio is at the Torpedo Factory Arts Center in Alexandria, VA, which is filled with artists — painters, sculptors, crafts, jewelry and textile creators. As a working artist there, painting and also meeting art lovers, friends and colleagues is a pleasure. Our studio contains many of my paintings and also offers spectacular views of the Potomac River.  
Some of the paintings on this website are hanging in the studio, but not all of my work is shown here or in the studio (even with a large space there is just not enough room). Unless otherwise noted, all paintings are for sale. If you'd like to visit me at the studio please send a message to check my schedule. My studio mate and I try to be open every day, but we each take days off. I don't want to miss you, so please let me know if you plan to visit. Sometimes the Art Center closes early for special events, their calendar is published on  
At times, I take commissions and am happy to discuss your project at your convenience. Thank you!
Prints available of selected paintings at 
Prints of selected paintings for commercial space use at

Torpedo Factory Art Center  / Alexandria, VA / Studio 322 (3rd Floor) with Dhamin Jassim. At least one of us tries to be in the studio every day from late morning till closing, often starting earlier. Please check with me if you'd like to make and appointment. I am usually in the studio on Wednesday and Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, afternoon visits preferred.
Torpedo Factory Art Center, Third floor, Studio 322, 105 N. Union St, Alexandria VA 22314

Feature in March 2020 issue of Élan Magazine

Courtesy Élan Magazine
Courtesy Élan Magazine
Courtesy Élan Magazine
Courtesy Élan Magazine
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