Blue Tide / 24x36 oil on canvas

Race Point at Sunset: Provincetown MA / 36 x 36 oil on canvas

Northern Waters / 18x36 oil on canvas

Wait For Me / 30x42 oil on canvas

Dark Angel / 24 x 24 oil on canvas / SOLD

Sea Change / 24x24 oil on cradled panel

Red Sky #8 / 30x30 oil on canvas

Rocky Coast / 30x40 mixed on canvas

After / 30x30 oil on canvas

Red Sky #7 / 16x20 oil on cradled panel

Lucky Day / 16x20 Oil on panel

Night Waters / 24x18 oil on linen panel

Atlantic Crest  / 24x36 mixed on canvas

Morning Mist / 16x12 oil on panel

Into The White Sky / 12x16 oil on panel

The Pier / 20x16 / oil & cold wax on cradled Gessobord

Storm at Sea / 16x20 oil on panel

Coastal Disturbance / 20x16 oil on panel

Red Sky #6 / 24x30 mixed on canvas / SOLD

The Blues / 30x40 mixed media / SOLD

Blue On Blue / 36x48 oil on canvas / SOLD

Outer Banks / 36 x 48 oil on canvas / SOLD

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